We aim to be recognized as a leading dispute conciliation firm.
This is our main strategy in which we invest and put all the efforts to make it work, and for this, we are investing in:

  •  Our people by developing their skills and add extra skills to what they have to participate in our success.

  • Continuous improvement in the consulting methodology we use, so as to provide value-based services

  • Developing our tools and software which will keep us track all needed data.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy emphasizes that we tailor custom service solutions to meet the variety of cases we face daily, powered by our professionalism, hi-tech, vast range of knowledge, wisdom, flexibility and the determination to achieve our goals to optimally  satisfy our clients.


We achieved much of our success by focusing on our staff.  Our ability to recruit and retain the best people to service our clients has always been a priority. Investing in our people means our clients get world-class expertise to solve their complex business problems.


Who will benefit

(CONCORD) is formed to provide superior performance to its clients, who are in Finance business in all sizes, to keep better relations with their clients and turn their insolvent clients to be continuous and permanent successful clients.

We recognize that our success is based on the integrity of our dealings, our relationships with our clients, and our ability to provide cost-effective services.


Superior performance means:

  • We will manage a relationship with our clients based on professionalism, honesty, integrity, and respect for their employees and culture.

  • We will ensure that all operational and business solutions are first and foremost strategically sound.

  • We will deliver practical consulting advice and creative solutions.

  • We will endeavor to formulate consulting solutions that can be successfully implemented.


We provide expertise and technical solutions to our clients in light of the following bottom line principles: 

  • Focus first on effectiveness, then on efficiency: We first ensure that all proposed solutions are implementable, profitable and adapt our client's policies and strategies.

  • Approach every project solution with an open mind: We apply a broad-based, cross-functional approach to problem solving. We use sound business principles and apply the latest business and operational concepts only as the business' needs demand it not necessarily because it is the latest "state-of-the-art" business solution. Our approach is to have our consulting solution fit the problem rather than try to have the implemented actions fit around a pre-determined resolution.

  • Be implementation oriented: Even the best ideas, if not implemented, will not solve the customer's needs. The professional experience of our staff comes from successfully implementing operational solutions in a variety of businesses and industries as organizational leaders. In all projects, we create management measurements and tracking tools to ensure timely project completion as well as communicate the current status of the program.